Who We Are

We don’t know everything, but we all know “something”;
Sharing that “something” might help someone to reach their DREAM.

Dreamshouters is an online platform :

1. to share your valuable articles about anything to help aspiring students
( Example: If you’re an Engineer, you can post about your daily work structure, technical aspects and the skills to enhance the career in core field – this can help a aspiring student who dream to build a successful career in engineering/energy field; like wise executives, teachers, doctors, authors, etc or any other professionals can help the key people for future.)

2. for students to find the real life learnings from the successful employees/entrepreneurs on how they made it.
( Example: If you’re a student, you can search about your dream career, key people from that niche would have provide d the valuable information helpful for reaching your dream, it even helps you to build connections early giving opportunities to get internships and practical experience, way before you can even imagine.)

3. that helps anyone seeking a mentor for their life mission.
( Example: A mentor is someone who can change you into the person who you want to become; high chance of getting a lot of mentors in your area of interest .)

Dreamshouters Website will give you access to articles, videos, podcasts, newsletters, courses, events related to your area of interest.

For submitting your valuable articles :
1. Brief introduction about you & the area of Expertise
2. Upload article in pdf file & .doc file to review on contact@dreamshouters.com

About Founder

About Founder

Abdul Haleem is the Founder and CEO of Seaps Electric & Dream Shouters . He has over 5 years of management & Technical experience in various MNC companies.

He earned a BTech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Mahendra Engineering College at Salem, Tamilnadu; and a distant MBA from SMC university, Switzerland.

Soon after Graduation, Haleem closely worked with Electrical contractors in Dubai and Kerala as apprentice to strengthen the core knowledge; also earned government certificate in Electrical Equipments Selection & Safety Management by STED Council; during this period.

Before starting Seaps Electric, Haleem served at Dell R&D, Bangalore as Facilities Engineer, as well as Executive of 247ai, Bangalore. both this experiences gave him key idea about technical operations and management of a company.

Experience of internships done at SAIL ( Steel Authority of India Ltd) , Manjunatha Industries, Hosur and various other workshops and seminars attended during the academics gave him the confidence to move forward while facing challenges.

Being passionate in Teaching, Haleem started to give free training for school students in Kerala and Bangalore on advanced learning methods and Visualization methods to cope up the competition, which gave rise to idea of starting Dreamshouters. He gave more than 30+ seminars in different venues and 100+ online webinars on various subjects to uplift the students and community.

Now he is also a business Advisor to 3 companies in Kerala, All Tech construction Firm, Can (Clean & Neat ) Cleaning Services Company & Boho Pest Control Solutions by doing micro level inspection and management to scale up the company.

Still, Haleem is a learner and challenging the challenges to overcome every falls happening in entrepreneurial journey,